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It’s not easy fitting an Asgardian into SHIELD’s earthbound adventures, but her brand of butt-kicking is always welcome. Jackson as Nick Fury The show’s first major guest star. Kyle Mac Lachlan as The Doctor Just when you were worried about all that unchewed scenery that would pile up with the demise of Agent Garrett, in walks Skye’s father with is Paul Atreides hair and boiling rage. His return in the Season 1 finale was a lot of fun. Mac Lachlan has been a great addition to the show and let’s hope he hangs around a while more. Here are three of the show’s powerful female characters, that we absolutely love to love.In a gift straight from the casting gods, Broadway legend Bernadette Peters stars as Gloria Windsor, president of the New York Symphony and all-around HBIC.

Alan's childhood friends include Paul Stewart, whom he first met in kindergarten and Tom Dougan, who later became a priest. He lost his virginity at age 14 to a friend of his mother. He’s a lot of pretty beefcake, but he also reads as intelligent and emotional on film. Brad Pitt is hilarious as Achilles, Orlando Bloom looks confused as Paris, but it’s Eric Bana as Hector (and his relationship with wife Andromache, played by Saffron Burrows) that hits me in that “hot man who loves his wife and child isn’t he noble and manly” way (I can’t help it, it’s some recessive gene). No, he’s not a perfect Henry VIII — probably too hot, certainly not redheaded, not piggish enough.There are really only two historical costume movies of his that are worth raving about, but he’s so pretty in them that it’ll be worth it. But Bana does embody Henry’s intelligence, attractiveness, sensitivity, and manly size.In Boston Legal, he talks about his deceased wife and how she was able to guess accurately what he would think and do.Alan speaks of his wife in a loving way, however and expresses the otherwise unseen emotion of regret for her passing.

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