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Add the financial effects of going through a divorce, and many of us are looking at working longer, living on less, or both.This piece from Forbes addresses “Retirement Catch-Up,” presenting an overview of the actions Over 50’s can take now to start building their savings.Some ideas you’ve heard before — others may be new, and worth thinking about.If you’re not where you’d like to be, definitely take a look.

Unless you’ve got Walter White money (and look how much good it did him…), check out the article.People use online dating sites for a [...]Times have definitely changed for single parents!In the not too distant past single mothers were seen as “spoiled goods” destined to be single for the rest of their lives.But the truth is, while in many cases we may actually want to travel, have a dream job or spend a week on a yacht eating caviar – we may not want to do the things we fantasise about sexually.Instead these fantasies can offer a portal into aspects of our non-sexual emotions that we are trying to reconcile in our day-to-day lives.

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