Rapid dating questions

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That time it was for Rolling Stone, and we concentrated on his more serious side. At that point the Secret Service was going, 'Game's over, man.' And his own dogs didn't give a sh*! But you couldn't talk to Robin Williams and not ask him off-beat questions, just to get his take on things. Here's a sample of our outtakes--what's never appeared before, and what most public figures wish they could borrow as answers to questions they're rarely asked. I met Koko the gorilla and she hit on me, that was scary. Just the insane violence all over the world; that makes me cry. I was performing in a club in New York and afterward there was a guy sitting down with an Iranian, a Palestinian and an Israeli, and they all acknowledged that they want peace but they don't know how to get to it. Him in my rearview mirror pushing my green Fiat from behind as I rolled down Barry Levinson's driveway until the engine caught and I waved my hand in the air as I drove away. I looked at Robin, shrugged, and said I'd probably have to make a call to get it jump started. "Let's see if I can give you a push down the driveway." "You want to push me? My car, a 1975 Fiat Spider convertible, wasn't very big, but I wasn't expecting one of America's most treasured talents to make such a physical offer. I'll push, you turn the key, we'll get you going." And that's what I think of when I think of Robin Williams. They're cheaper than Maseratis and easier to store. If you would like the study review software for a title mailed to you please select the name of the title(s) that you are wanting to purchase. If you are interested in the web version, please select a 'service plan' (either 1000 question limit or 3000 question limit.) However, you do not need to select the book titles for which this account will be used.Here's what first comes to mind when I think about Robin Williams. I didn't see him again until 11 years later when he was promoting One Hour Photo and his 90 minute HBO special. What frightened me was Bush almost died from choking on a pretzel. Further, you are required to be a very good listener. Certain things that you are supposed to keep in mind before posing your questions are make sure that it is the right time to ask him questions; he should be in that state of mind to answer. Don’t put the same question again and again in different ways.

For first-timers to speed dating events, wondering which questions to ask can be a little daunting. Ditch or Date offers everyone the chance to ask interesting and reasonable questions after they’ve read our suggestions.

When I think of Robin Williams, I remember the first time I interviewed him for Playboy. He was borrowing director Barry Levinson's house in Brentwood and after we spent an amusing few hours talking he walked me to my car in the driveway. I tried again, and this time the engine coughed and sputtered but didn't catch.

Not even him playing with that pink pashmina scarf on Inside the Actor's Studio. And also looking around and realizing that God, I know a lot of amazing people. Being up in Alaska and these weird ass places with him. I remember seeing Pacino's eyes light up when he said this line, which they didn't use in the film [Insomnia]. ' And I said, 'I was a mentor.' And he said, 'Yeah, you meant ta f*! And I thought, 'Ah, you've been bitten, haven't you Al?

The best questions will depend on your individual personalities.

Read the man Torr last night so thought I would give it a go. Full-time business analyst in the financial sector. Family, pets, friends, people, good humour, generosity, travel, sport, films, food and fun.

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