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By Anna Bulbrook I first met Boyfriend in LA in January when she played Girlschool. When asked what was most important to her about this new body of work, she said, “this is me finally bringing to my recorded music what I’ve been developing on stage now for a while. Rap cabaret casts a wide net and this EP will start to show folks the variety of my schemes.” My personal favorite jam from NEXT is “Fun Sh*t,” featuring Cindy Wilson from the B-52s. A trad, tired, and curler-less head is appropriate for the home, the gym, or also never. * Live your damn truth because sometimes that truth is going to involve being a smart, stripping, pansexual, well-read, white rapper-performer-producer-persona, and the world is going to need that.

The self-styled “rap cabaret” artist arrived at the venue looking like, well, Boyfriend: head wreathed in giant curlers, sporting lingerie and a robe like a power suit, flanked by two dancers in matching garb. It’s catchy as hell and the chorus will resonate with any boss working her ass off to make her life exactly as awesome as she wants it to be: “Ain’t got time for that fun shit.” FIVE THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM BOYFRIEND: * If you’re ever wondering if an outfit is too much, hire two or more people to wear it with you and roll as a posse. * When you have an important announcement to make, tampons are great medium. * Bodies are cool, and weird, and everyone has one. You can listen to Boyfriend’s EP Next here or here.

Warner and his mentor Cosby were believed to be close after the comedian wrote the role of Theo Huxtable based on own son Ennis - even incorporating real-life conversations the father and son had into the script.

Geshe Michael Roach, right, and his partner Lama Christie, left, at their yurt on a mountain top near Bowie, Arizona.

isn’t out until tomorrow in North America, but early copies have already been delivered to buyers, revealing a misprint on the Play Station Vita version.

As you can see in the above image, the Vita version of This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a young boy named Hodai who has been shot by Cupid and must find his true love.

Players move through levels, fend off female characters, and help several heroines through interactive scenes.

These interactive scenes often depict female characters wearing revealing outfits (e.g., lingerie) in sexually suggestive positions (e.g., stuck in windows, arched on the ground, restrained by a tentacle monster). I think I’m about to…”; “I’ll rip your clothes off lustfully!

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