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The model began dating her MLB star in 2012, following the end of his three-year relationship with Minka Kelly.Though Jeter has never been married or had kids, he said last week that he hopes such things are in his future.During a 1999 fight between the Yankees and Mariners, both Jeter and A-Rod drew criticism for staying out of the fray and chatting with one another. One former Yankee described the vibe between the two as “cordial enough,” when discussing the teammates, but added that Rodriguez has been trying to "prove himself as a good guy" in the years after taking a shot at Jeter in a 2001 Esquire magazine profile.In the Esquire piece, A-Rod said of Jeter “(He's) has never had to lead. He hits second — that's totally different than third or fourth in the lineup.' [email protected] reported on the huge ring recently spotted on Davis' left hand.That caused many, including this very blog, to speculate that Jeter had finally decided to settle down and get married.You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie (Williams) and Paul (O’Neill).You never say, 'Don't let Derek beat us.' He's never your concern.” The remark added to the drama and intrigue surrounding the 2003 trade that made Rodriguez a Yankee.

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She wore retro black shades and her blonde hair tied back in a bun, and carried a black handbag.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Baseball Fans The celebrated shortstop and his swimsuit model love, 24, enjoyed an autumn afternoon in downtown Manhattan, picking up Starbucks in the city's West Village and going for a stroll.

Jeter looked casual outside of his Yankee pinstripes, wearing a heather blue University of Michigan T-shirt, distressed blue jeans, fresh white sneakers, and aviator sunglasses.

Obviously, he goes out — he’s meeting these girls somewhere — but you never hear about it.

October 2008 - August 2011Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly were first spotted together on the sidelines of a college football game in Texas in 2008.

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