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For web pages, indicate the programming language you are using by starting your code with a standard document type declaration, such as: See the full list of W3C Recommended Document Type Declarations (

Use the W3C HTML Validation Service ( to check your code.

Astronomers have found other seven-planet systems before, but this is the first to have so many Earth-sized worlds.

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Apple introduced i OS 10.1 which was introduced mainly as a bug fix dampening the jailbreak hype.Identify headings, paragraphs, lists, quotations, etc., using the appropriate markup instead of relying solely on formatting. Screen readers announce the page title whenever a new page is loaded.Screen reader users read the page title to confirm that they have reached the intended page and to identify the content and/or function the page. The title should indicate both the name of the site and the topic of the page and should be unique within the site whenever possible.Because the system is so close to Earth, astronomers can study the planets’ atmospheres relatively easily.That could reveal an astonishing diversity of worlds, ranging in composition from rocky to icy.

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